What is Integrative Nutrition?

Is getting out of bed in the morning a struggle for you? Do you have trouble drinking enough water or eating whole foods? Do you experience insatiable cravings or find that, more often than not, you feel bloated, fatigued, have trouble concentrating or overall don't feel like yourself? Then integrative nutrition might be the right path for you. I'd like to help you achieve a happier and healthier you through integrative nutrition. I believe in the power of food and creating health and wellness by finding a balance in all areas of life.

Integrative nutrition is an individualized, scientific approach to health that takes an in-depth look at a person's unique story. We take into consideration specific elements that may affect ones health, such as environmental, genetic, bio-chemical, lifestyle, mental & spiritual factors.  An important part of integrative nutrition is patient-centered care that encourages clients to work with their practitioner to discover the root cause of their symptoms and create a wellness plan that is best suited for their lifestyle.